Spa Bed DUNA

16 900,00 kr

Duna Spa Bed details:
Width 70 cm
length 200 cm
height 67 cm
> Fabric: Fireproof Eco-Friendly leather / Expanded Non-deformable
Polyurethane Padding
> color: White (on demand Bejge or Sand)

Duna Spa Beds are ergonomic and designed for Spas, Wellness centres, hotels and Resorts.
The classical shape and the comfortable seat guarantee your psychophysical relax. Duna is totally handmade in Italy in our local factory with the best materials, which make it suitable both for indoor and outdoor use. By choosing water-resistant and fireproof patented fabrics, Trona always creates Made-in-Italy high-quality products.
Duna Wellness Beds collection is ideal as support for your head, neck, back and legs and for the stimulation of the blood flow before and after beauty and wellness treatments, massages, baths and saunas. In combination with each therapy, you can rest on the soft shape of Duna and restore your wellness during the relaxation  and reaction phases. the minimal  design and the ergonomics of Duna Wellness Beds make these pieces of furniture especially  suitable  for luxury Spas and hotels where comfort  and welcoming  zones are required. All Trona Wellness Beds have  a  nautical  water-repellent, fire-retardant  and  scratch-resistant eco-leather cover, which can be removed to be washed and that protects against bacteria,  mould, marks  and UV-alterations. This is the reason why it is very easy and quick to renew your TroNna  furniture and preserve its quality over the years.